Factors to Consider When Buying Terpenes


terpenes are usually derived compounds, and of course, freshness does matter. Fresh terpene profiles and isolates have been properly stored and poured or blended recently. This simply means the products that’s not on the shelves for days on.

While this might mean that your supplier may take a little bit longer to bring a much fresher terpene mix can create a better product. As a matter of fact, companies with inventory management systems and regular depletions with a focus towards freshness are your best option for getting quality quickly.

Food Grade

This seems to be a no-brainer however, not all terpenes are made for human consumption. You should make sure that the terpene compounds you are offering as terpenes for sale in the consumer products are safe for vaping. In addition to that, your supplier must have also a label of food grade available for all of the terpene blends. And if you are a consumer who wants to buy terpenes, you need to ask the seller if it’s food grade.


When talking about how the terpene-based finished products are packaged, there is still a lot to unpack. Correct packaging must mitigate exposure to ultraviolet light and air. Also, there should be devices or tools in place which offer you evidence of possible tampering. Furthermore, packaging requires to be informative with messaging about use, contents and safety. Lastly, a batch number printed on your package is an eminent marker of the product’s freshness.

When talking about the bottle, on the other hand, terpenes are basically stored in a glass container with a tightly sealed fitting cover made of corrosion resistance materials. A lot of potent isolated terpenes are corrosive to particular plastics that may cause anything from excess exposure during storage to leaking to contamination.

the glass color is of certain importance as the ultraviolet ray damage is a quick way to unwittingly replace your aromatics profile in a negative manner. Cobalt, amber and green bottles are high quality and superior in protecting you against the UV ray compared to frosted or clear vessels.

The presence of the tamper evident cover is actually a great indicator that the product is similar as it was before. This is also great to look for if you are not purchasing the terpenes direct from an official distributor or the formulator company.

Perhaps the area which is most lacking in packaging the terpene is compliance. Potent and pure terpenes are very dangerous substances. This is a surprise to a lot of consumers given the fact that they are usually food grade and organically sourced. The main point of this is that the label must have detailed and clear safety, storage and handling messaging since mishandling and consuming in undiluted form may put consumers at high risk of harm.


Precise botanical terpene blends are achieved through using well-maintained and operate equipment as well as high-end laboratory analytics. Quality laboratory analytics give the baseline ingredient for blending. It is actually one of the best methods to stay true to your source material. The greater number of terpenes which can be identified, the better the rebuild can be.

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